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The 3 biggest problems that DEI and HR leaders face are: 1) Not being clear about what DEI is, 2) Not having a clear idea of what they're trying to accomplish, and 3) Not knowing how to prioritize their initiatives for maximum impact. As a result, they either do the bare minimum, or move fast in the wrong direction, damaging their credibility and stifling their momentum. Join DEI Made Easy TV to identify your blind spots and to learn how to maximize your DEI impact.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"The Calling All Allies presentation was empowering and full of energy! The facilitator's direct and very humanistic approach dismantled the biases and possible barriers that someone could face when addressing intricate subjects.”

Suellen Rodrigues, LEAD Global – Chapter Liaison - Global D&I, Merck

"The CAAP Team's presentation was professional, polished, thoughtful, and comprehensive. It was refreshing to address business issues not as isolated incidents, but with a sensitive understanding of the need for an integrated approach to complex problems."

John C. Connell, Esq. Chair, Board of Trustees Community Foundation of South Jersey

"Dr. Baldwin and the amazing multidisciplinary CAAP team helped Pathways to apply an evidence-based and data-driven organizational development lens to work resulting in systemic advancements to promote equity across the entire agency."

Xavior Robinson, Former Chief Operating Officer Pathways to Housing PA

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DEI Made Easy professional development resources are available on-the-go to make sure you have what you need at your fingertips. Never be caught without the information you need to succeed at diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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