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The DEI Made Easy System offers a structured, progressive approach to assist organizations in defining, strategizing, and executing a tailored diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy aligned with their specific business requirements. Regardless of your organization's size or familiarity with DEI initiatives, this system acts as a catalyst to propel your team forward, ensuring tangible progress and measured success. By focusing on an organizational development approach, we've taken the emotions, politics, and division out of DEI. By doing this, we enable you to concentrate on your core mission—the business itself.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US
Tanesha Jones, DEI Leader, IKEA
Xavior Robinson, Fmr. COO, Pathways to Housing PA
Suellen Rodrigues, Global D&I, Merck

"The DEI Made Easy Team helped us jumpstart our Equity Program, at CompuGroup, just before our recent acquisition. It was their firm's energy that immediately made them stand out from the other vendors we interviewed. Not only do they bring knowledge and expertise, but easy to digest information, organized and clearly set forth for an efficient program integration. I knew what I was going to get, and I was provided great customer service and content throughout!"

Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US

"The DEI Made Easy team facilitated a session on Allyship and the facilitator was relatable to the C-Suite Executives and front-line co-workers alike. Our co-workers were the most engaged they had ever been in that meeting setting. Since the event, the organization is still abuzz and many quotes and references continue to be shared. They made a lasting impression on our organization and we are certain they will be invited back to help us continue our learning journey."

Tanesha Jones, DEI Leader, IKEA

"The amazing multidisciplinary DEI Made Easy team helped Pathways to apply an evidence-based and data-driven organizational development lens to work resulting in systemic advancements to promote equity across the entire agency."

Xavior Robinson, Fmr. COO, Pathways to Housing PA

"Their learning and development program was empowering and full of energy! The facilitator's direct and very humanistic approach dismantled the biases and possible barriers that someone could face when addressing intricate subjects.”

Suellen Rodrigues, Global D&I, Merck

DEI Made Easy Micro-Credentials

DEI Committee Leader Certification [$1,500/pp]

Learn a system to help you launch (or fix) your DEI committee, even if you have no experience, don't know where to start, and have no plan for how to measure success. Get access to a full resource vault of DEI Committee/ERG forms, templates, member handbooks, implementation advising and lifetime access to course updates)

Certified DEI Change Management Specialist [$3,500/pp]

Enroll your leader to become certified in the DEI Made Easy System which teaches proven organizational change management techniques to scale DEI within organizations while bolstering the organizational  culture and employee/member engagement. (Includes 8-week live certification program, 1-Year of DEI coaching, and full access to DEI Made Easy learning vault)

Resources for Organizations

DEI Made Easy Assessment + Strategic Plan [$10k-$15k]

  • Custom Organizational Equity Assessment, Data Analysis & Recommendations Report

  • 2-year DEI Strategic Plan

  • Policy and Procedure Audit

  • 1 Virtual DEI Learning & Development Training

  • 3-Months of DEI Advising Support

DEI Made Easy- Integrate, Scale, and Sustain System [$30k-$70k]

Designed purposefully for decentralized associations or national/multinational companies with various locations, the Integrate, Scale, and Sustain System is our proven framework for helping your organization finally set up its DEI infrastructure in a way that can positively impact all relevant areas of the organization in less than one year.

This 1-year service includes:

  • Organizational Equity Assessment, Data & Recommendations Report

  • DEI Learning & Development Plan for all Employee Levels

  • Customized 2-year DEI Strategic Plan & Implementation Guide

  • 1 Virtual Executive Allyship Session for Leaders (60-90mins)

  • 1 Virtual Equitable Management Training (90-mins)

  • 1 Virtual Staff Development Training (90-mins)

  • DEI Committee Certification for All ERG/DEI Committee Leaders

  • Unlimited Passes to Ignite Workplace Unity Conference (virtual)

  • Unlimited Memberships to Private DEI Made Easy Advising Community

Frequently Asking Questions

I'm not a "leader" within my organization. Should I still invest in one of the micro-credentials.

If you're looking to enhance your employability or increase your chances of securing a promotion, pursuing one of our micro-credentials can be highly advantageous. Additionally, micro-credentials can bolster your competitiveness when negotiating for a higher salary.

Are the micro-credential programs live or self-paced?

Currently, our micro-credential programs operate in a hybrid format. This means that participants will engage in live, faculty-led classes while also having access to program content through our online learning portal. Additionally, all participants will be able to tap into our private advising community, providing a 24/7 platform for asking questions and seeking guidance throughout the course.

Do the micro-credential programs start?

Currently, new cohorts commence every month. Once your application is approved, our team will guide you in choosing a start date. You'll have a window of up to 3 months to pick a date that aligns with your schedule. However, if you miss this deadline, you will need to reapply.

Can I receive CEUs for completing one of the micro-credential programs?

The eligibility for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) is contingent upon your chosen continuing education provider. Nevertheless, given that each micro-credential program encompasses content pertaining to leadership, human resources, strategic planning, conflict management, and interpersonal communication, a substantial portion of our participants find it seamless to align the program with their ongoing professional development credit requirements. Should you need the precise learning objectives of any program, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team, and we'll be more than happy to aid you in obtaining CEUs. It's important to note that any documentation necessary for facilitating CEU acquisition will not result in an additional charge to your tuition.

Do we receive a badge or certificate to accompany our completion of the micro-credential programs?

Absolutely! Upon successful completion of the program, all participants will be awarded a verified digital badge and certificate. These credentials can be proudly displayed on platforms like LinkedIn and other professional profiles to showcase your achievement.

How do I know if the DEI Made Easy System is right for our organization?

The DEI Made Easy System caters to companies aspiring to be deliberate and strategic in their diversity, equity, and inclusion endeavors. This system guarantees that you can move forward with precision, avoiding missteps, and that your advancement remains cohesive. It also provides the means to measure your achievements, ensuring you maintain credibility as you strive to enhance your company culture and secure a competitive edge in your industry.

Most important to note, is that our approach does not violate any labor, HR compliance, or EEOC laws or regulations.

Does the DEI Made Easy System work for all industries?

Yes! Unlocking the full potential of your organization's DEI strategy can be a daunting task.  Drawing from extensive experience with numerous organizations, we've honed a proven system that consistently drives success. Whether you have a team of 50 or 50,000, our adaptable approach fits seamlessly into any organizational context, ensuring impactful results every time.

Our company has locations outside of the U.S., does this system work in international contexts as well?

Absolutely! We understand that DEI looks very different in the United States versus other areas of the world. The DEI Made Easy System stands out for its primary focus on organizational change management. We've observed that numerous organizations face challenges in implementing DEI initiatives due to difficulties in scaling their ideas across the entire organization. Our framework empowers the organic emergence of key themes from your data, providing clear direction on where to concentrate your strategic efforts.

I'm a DEI Consultant. Can I become certified in the DEI Made Easy System to use with my clients?

Absolutely!  In that case, you would need to register for our DEI Change Management Specialist micro-credential program. Upon completion we will provide you with the necessary client forms, documents, and auxiliary materials to seamlessly integrate this methodology with your clients.

About Us- #IgniteWorkplaceUnity

About Us- #IgniteWorkplaceUnity

DEI Made Easy, formerly known as the Calling All Allies Project, has collaborated with clients both nationally and internationally, guiding them in crafting cutting-edge DEI initiatives and enduring strategies to enhance company culture, elevate employee experiences, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Our team is composed of accomplished experts, practitioners, and analysts with advanced degrees, dedicated to ensuring that all organizations have access to top-tier diversity, equity, and inclusion guidance and support.

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